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Job Name : Marketing Executive & Sales Executive

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Help us continually improve our understanding of the vast number of Advertise flowing through our platform so that we can delight our users with best-in-class Advertisement experiences.
Who We Are
INIESTA WEBTECH SOLUTION PVT. LTD. is a friendly, professional and diverse business providing outstanding Advertisement solutions for companies that require our expertise. We have consistent and sustained company growth which has created several exciting career opportunities for people who want to share in our success. This is a great place to work and we recognize our people as our greatest asset, we are trusted partners of our clients, the right attitude is everything and customer focus is a must.
The concept of ADSONLIFT was incepted in the year 2019. Many online retailers also offer regular discounts. wherein the idea was to reach out to a large target audience by captive advertisement mode exhibited in the elevators. "LIFT Advertisement represents an increase in sales in response to some form of advertising or promotion. Monitoring, measuring, and optimizing lift may help a business grow more quickly. While we try to develop or at least optimize lift measurements that make sense for its own situation or goals. We are proud to be the service providers of lift advertisement in INDIA reaching out to more than 1,50,000 families.
What You'll Do
You will join a team of engineers who love what they do and work with them to deliver astonishing amounts of products with higher quality than anyone could do individually. You will build high throughput systems, highly efficient user focused UIs, and work with vast amounts of data. You will be faced with many challenges that need creative problem solving and novel applications of state-of-the-art technologies. Someone in this role is expected to mentor others at times, but also to be mentored by others in order to grow. Most importantly, you’ll be expected to keep our internal and external customers in mind and build meaningful products focused on them.
Who You Are
We are looking for someone with a strong Marketing & Sales background who loves solving new and challenging problems. The ideal candidate would have a demonstrated history of owning their work and building all parts of a solution in order to delight their customers.

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✔ Commercial awareness,
✔ Strong attention to detail
✔ Adaptability
✔ Good teamwork skills
✔ Good organisation and planning skills
✔ Creativity and writing skills
✔ IT skills
✔ Numerical skills

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